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Will Nieves

Meet Will Nieves, former gang member turned community leader. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, he spent 17 years in prison before being released in 2009. His life-changing encounter with God motivated him to establish GATE Outreach Ministries, a reentry services organization that helps individuals successfully navigate the hurdles of returning to society. Our team members share in his commitment to making a difference and helping others succeed.

Will, is a passionate advocate for delivering aid and support to formerly incarcerated individuals. He is dedicated to helping people rebuild their lives and become productive members of society. With his experience as a reentry advocate, mentor, and a returning citizen himself, Will serves as a bridge between the incarcerated and the system, translating each side's best intentions to those having a hard time understanding reentry challenges.

Will has served as chairman of the Statewide Peer Reentry Coalition, is part leadership of the Pima County Reentry Coalition, sits on the Department of Probation Advisory Team in Pima County and works as an Outreach Housing Navigator for Old Pueblo Community Services in Tucson Arizona.

He is also a loving Husband and a Father of 2 young boys.

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