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GATE Outreach Ministries is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is committed to restoring lives. We are passionate about creating a safe and loving environment where people can find acceptance and empowerment. Through our mentoring and life skills programs, we equip individuals with the practical tools they need to succeed in all areas of life. Our founder’s lived experience with reentry and the criminal justice system has given us a unique perspective on how to address the needs of those who are facing similar challenges.

Our organization is dedicated to helping individuals successfully navigate the transition from incarceration to the community. Our projects focus to develop men and women to become active on community development efforts through partnerships with the City of Tucson 29th Thrive Project, Social Services, Hunger Relief and Public Safety. Through collaboration and networking, we are able to provide the most effective support possible. Connect with us to learn more about our recent projects and see how we are making a difference in our community.

Our Development program is designed to help individuals successfully reintegrate into their community. We provide a comprehensive approach that includes mentoring and life skills. We also offer job readiness training, conflict resolution, cognitive restructuring, credit building, case management, and support navigating services. Our evidence-based practices approach ensures that clients receive high-quality services aimed at achieving lasting success.
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